Wooden Pizza Peel vs. Metal Pizza Peel: Which one is better?

Before I dwell into the interesting reasons I’m willing to divulge to you, let me first ask you this ‒ why do someone need a pizza peel?

Pizza PeelTo be able to get that irresistibly good, crisp, and well-cooked pizza bottom, you first need to have some means of popping that pizza into the Mighty Pizza Oven blazing-hot pizza stone. This is when the pizza peel comes into the picture.

What is a pizza peel? To get a clear image, I am talking about the long handled tool with a flat paddle right at the end used to deposit and take out the pizza or bread from hot ovens at pizzerias or bakeries.

As you have guessed, there are a few types of pizza peel on the market, but I will cover only the basic ones: wooden and metal pizza peel.


Wooden Pizza Peel

My first option in terms of the pizza peel material is wood. Wood is the best material to prevent sticking of raw pizza dough to the peel itself. This is essential if you don’t want to disturb your carefully assembled pizza toppings. Your beloved toppings on the floor of your pizza oven or grill – not fun. In addition, wooden pizza peel provides rustic appeal. Let’s admit it, they do look pretty! That’s why most people prefer a wood pizza peel because it exudes a more natural and appealing appearance than its metal counterpart. Moreover, they could also last in time if used, stored, and maintained well.

Do’s and Don’t’s in using wooden pizza peel:

  • Make sure to air-dry them first after washing before storing. If you don’t want to waste time air-drying your pizza peel, rub your wooden pizza peel with white vinegar instead of washing it with soap and water. Vinegar is a great disinfectant and stain remover!
  • They may be nice to use as cutting board for your cooked pizza, but never try that! Your knife or pizza wheel will surely leave cutting marks on your wooden pizza peel which will result to unevenly textured surface. This may result to sticking of raw dough to your pizza peel and thus preventing the pizza to slide easily.
  • In order to prevent different odors or stains from sticking onto your lovely wooden peel, some recommend that it should be rubbed with mineral oil. However, that is not necessary as you can safely use the wooden peel for years.
  • The number one thing that you must pay attention to is accidental burning marks. No matter how great they are, wooden peels are obviously not fireproof.
  • Some recommend sealing your wood pizza peel; however, that is unnecessary.  Raw wood peels are actually better for launching the pizza into the over. What you must do is to dust your peel with a bit of flour or cornmeal. The flour will grab to pizza peel fiber and act as rollers which in turn will make your raw dough slide very easily.
  • Be careful not to let your raw dough sit too long on your pizza peel. Prolonged contact with the pizza peel may result to sticking of raw dough. If it unfortunately happened, one trick is to lift one end of your dough and blow a bit of air under it (use a squeeze bottle to blow air for hygienic purposes!). But be very careful as this will make your pizza dough very slippery.
  • The main disadvantage of wooden pizza peel is that they are quite thick (to prevent them from burning easily). This makes it difficult to use when rotating half-cooked pies or when retrieving the full-cooked ones.

On our website, we offer a wooden pizza peel made of Birch Wood. Birch wood has a tighter grain. It provides a hard, smoother surface than softer wood pizza peel like pine wood. The Mighty Pizza Oven Birch Wood pizza peel is the ideal complement for the Mighty Pizza Oven or any home pizza oven. The big paddle (13.8″ x 22″ x 0.5″) ensures you are away safely from the heat and allows you to slide easily a generously-sized pizza into your oven. This is very deal for transferring breads and up to 15” pizzas into your home pizza oven.


Metal Pizza Peel

Aluminum is the most popular material for metal peels. It is easy to clean, long-lasting and very easy to use and handle. Being made of metal, they are actually non high maintenance. No need to air-dry them after washing. You won’t also be bothered with unwanted stains and odors – they won’t be absorbed! Furthermore, metal blades are really thin. They can easily slip under your pizza, half-cooked or fully-cooked, and rotate, move, and retrieve them without deforming the whole thing. However, metal pizza peels are not good for launching raw dough into your pizza oven as raw dough tends to stick to metal surfaces more than on wood surfaces.

On our website we offer a 10” round stainless steel pizza peel made of heavy gauge stainless steel. In addition to rotating and retrieving my pizza, I use our steel pizza peel to rotate deep dish pizza pan when baking Chicago pizza with the Mighty Pizza Oven or to move a hot 13” pizza stone from under the Mighty Pizza Oven to another side of the grill to allow it to cool off faster. I even used it to carry a 12” deep dish pizza pan loaded with freshly baked Chicago pizza that weighted over 5 pounds.  This can’t be done with an aluminum pizza peel; stainless steel is way much stronger.


The Verdict

It’s a tie! You actually need both. We recommend that you use one wooden pizza peel for assembling and launching your pizza into the Mighty Pizza Oven and one metal peel for removing and turning your half-cooked and full-cooked creation.

We recommend both, one wooden pizza peel and one metal pizza peel

Some last tips:  Always make sure that your pizza peel is the right size for your pizza oven and that it has a handle that you feel comfortable with. Mighty Pizza Oven pizza peels are selected to offer Mighty Pizza Oven users best baking and cooking experience with their Mighty Pizza Oven.


Vheck out our wooden pizza peels at http://www.mightypizzaoven.com/mighty-pizza-oven-store/


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13 responses to “Wooden Pizza Peel vs. Metal Pizza Peel: Which one is better?”

  1. Rose says:

    What are the price range for wooden pizza peel? metal metal peel? My budget is small. I’m thinking of getting both.

  2. Hi Rose, the Birch Wood Pizza Peel & Stainless Steel Pizza Peel is currently on sale for $30 plus shipping. Both pizza peels are heavy duty pizza peels and will last for a long time.

  3. Mary says:

    I have observe that some of the metal peels have little holes drilled in them, whats their purpose?

  4. Good question Mary, perforated metal pizza peels allow excess flour to fall through the holes in the bottom of the peel. If you have very hot pizza oven, excess flour will burn and ruin your pizza. Perforated metal pizza peels comes with handle and mostly used by pizzerias or brick pizza oven owners.

  5. Marla says:

    Good article. I’m not much of a pizza maker because I don’t eat grains. Having pizza peel certainly would well be worth the money if you make your own homemade. I would highly recommend that people make their own pizza than frozen or commercial pizza. It is so much healthier. Visiting from Real Food Friday co-host! Have a wonderful healthy day.

  6. Thanks Maria, cauliflower pizza crust is an alternative to pizza dough. I like Real Food Friday, that is a neat healthy concept. Thanks for sharing.

  7. janetpesaturo says:

    Thanks for sharing on Simple Saturday Blog Hop – Great article!
    @ ouroneacrefarm

  8. Charlie @PickledIOkra.blogspot.com says:

    Pizza is our family favorite. I’ll have to share this with the DH.

  9. bernie0811 says:

    I was always wondering whats the diff between metal and wood pizza peel. lol Thanks for clarifying this mystery to me.

  10. Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom says:

    Interesting post! My husband has a metal peel and loves it! I honestly had no idea they made a wooden peel… I am going to send this to him as it has a lot of great tips.

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