Storing Pizza Dough: A Quick Tip

I don’t know if it’s just me but I have always found it quite difficult to retrieve my fermented dough after Storing Pizza Dough in a plastic container. Almost always, the dough tends to stick to the sides of the container and takes a while to peel off. This has always been my pet peeve in dough making, until I stumbled on a great tip from “adri” at forum.

Before, I used to oil the bottom and sides of my plastic containers before placing my dough ball on the bottom to ferment.

Storing Pizza Dough: A Quick Tip


Storing Pizza Dough: A Quick Tip


When ready to make my pizza, I simply open the container and flip it over a flour-filled deep plate. As the dough needs less handling for it to have a better texture when baked, I wait for the dough to fall off. But most of the times, the dough just got stuck to the side and took what seems like ages before peeling off.


Storing Pizza Dough: A Quick Tip Storing Pizza Dough: A Quick Tip


Things changed since I read Adrean’s tip. According to him, I just need to oil the lid and inside rim of the plastic container. Place the balled dough on the lid, fit the body of the container, and store the dough upside down.


Storing Pizza Dough: A Quick Tip


When ready to bake, place the container, still on upside down position, on a flat surface. Slowly remove the body of the container.


Storing Pizza Dough: A Quick Tip


The dough will sit perfectly on the container’s lid. Lift it and gently flip it over a deep plate filled with flour.


Storing Pizza Dough: A Quick Tip


Now that the dough is directly placed on top of a floured plate, gently peel off the lid.


Storing Pizza Dough: A Quick Tip


Flip the dough over to flour the other side. Spread the dough on a floured surface until desired size and shape is formed. Viola, hassle-free dough handling! You’re now ready to create beautiful and flavorful pies.


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3 responses to “Storing Pizza Dough: A Quick Tip”

  1. roger howard says:

    what a great idea. i will use this from now on. thank you!!

  2. Jay says:

    What containers do you use? Where to get them?

  3. 48 oz. Translucent Round Deli Container / Tub and Lid Combo Pack 10 / Pack (1286048 COMBOKIT) – I got them from Webrestaurant . com

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