The limited production of the Mighty Pizza Oven 2 (MPO2) was successfully funded on Kickstarter |Limited number of ovens are still available |Pre-Order Now

The limited production of the Mighty Pizza Oven 2 (MPO2) was successfully funded on Kickstarter |Limited number of ovens are still available |Pre-Order Now

Bake professional pizzas on your grill with the Mighty Pizza Oven 2 | Cook brick-oven-quality pizzas in your back yard with the Mighty Pizza Oven. This oven insert fits on top of your grill and is a fun and convenient way to enjoy crunchy, perfect pizzas for a small fraction of the cost of a brick oven. Limited number of ovens will be produced - Estimated delivery June 2015



You save $30.00 (12%)!

You can still take advantage of our Kickstarter offer price except for no free shipping and reserve one of the remaining MPO2 limited production by pre-ordering Now.

Estimated delivery June 2015.  Updates and progress of MPO2 will be posted at

 The Mighty Pizza Oven 2 consists of the following components:

  • Cover: This is the main body of the oven, and is made of durable 304 Stainless Steel. The cover has a lip all around the base, an open bottom, a semi-open back and a variable chimney opening on top.
  • Back Cover: The removable back panel allows you to easily insert the top pizza stone at one of three heights above your pizza.
  • Chimney: The chimney draws warm moist air over your pizza to cook it to perfection and prevent it from drying out. You can easily control the air flow by adjusting the chimney opening.
  • Foldable Side Handles: The Mighty Pizza Oven is designed to be portable, and the side handles make it easy to carry. (Please note that the oven should be allowed to cool properly before you remove it from the grill.)
  • Front Spring-shaped Handle: Use this handle to tilt up the oven cover to load or remove your pizzas. Depending on your setup, the handle may become hot when the oven is in use, so please use an oven mitten.
  • 16″x14.37″ Upper Pizza Stone: This pizza stone is made of cordierite, which is fired at a higher temperature than ceramic and can withstand sudden changes in temperature. The 16″x14.37″ stone fits in Mighty Pizza Oven through the back opening and goes all the way to the front, leaving room for the chimney. It can be placed at three different heights.
  • Insulation Panel: Made of heavy gauge aluminum, fits above the top stone to contain the heat and to control hot air direction inside the Mighty Pizza Oven 2.
  • 14.37″ Round Lower Pizza Stone: Also made of cordierite, the lower pizza stone is placed directly on the grill grates when baking. This stone is slightly smaller than the top stone to allow for hot air to flow and direct heat from the flames to reach the top stone.

I recommend using the following accessories with the Mighty Pizza Oven (not included – to be purchased separately): BBQ Mittens, IR Gun, Wooden Pizza Peel, Metal Pizza Peel, Pizza Cutter and Digital Timer.

Delight your family and friends with mouth-watering homemade pizza this spring. Order your Mighty Pizza Oven today!


PLEASE READ THE MIGHTY PIZZA OVEN FAQ BEFORE YOU BUY: It is particularly important that you measure your grill carefully to make sure the Mighty Pizza Oven will fit.

Stainless Steel
304 Stainless Steel & Cordierite
17” W x 17” L X 5” H (8″ H with chimney)