Bake professional-quality pizza on your backyard grill with the NEW MIGHTY PIZZA OVEN 2

Visit the Mighty Pizza Oven 2 Kickstarter Project to find out more and place your order.


The Mighty Pizza Oven 2 improves on the critically-acclaimed original Mighty Pizza Oven, which converts your standard gas grill into the ultimate pizza oven. The MPO2 is bigger. It burns hotter. And it’s just as inexpensive, fuel-efficient and easy to use as the original MPO.

Home ovens are simply not hot enough for pro-quality pizza, but brick ovens and other alternatives are expensive, bulky and use lots of energy just to heat up. That’s why I designed the MPO and now the MPO2 for true pizza lovers everywhere.

Here’s what pizza expert Albert Grande at said when he reviewed the original Mighty Pizza Oven:  

“I used the MPO at a recent pizza party. I cooked for a large hungry crowd of pizza fanatics. There were oos and ahhs each time I produced a new pizza. the pizza cooked quickly and completely! The pizza cooked in a matter of minutes. Simply outstanding. The pizzas were amazing. There was a nice char to the bottom to the pizza. The top of the pizza was totally cooked.”

Visit the Mighty Pizza Oven 2 Kickstarter Project to order your improved Mighty Pizza Oven 2 today.

You’ll soon be delighting your family and friends with mouthwatering pizzas, baked to perfection on your backyard grill. If you can grill a burger, you can become a pizza master with the Mighty Pizza Oven 2 and the tips and tricks on our blog.

Order MIghty Pizza Oven 2 @KICKSTARTER

Order MIghty Pizza Oven 2 @KICKSTARTER