Introduction to the Mighty Pizza Oven

What is the Mighty Pizza Oven (MPO)?

The Mighty Pizza Oven is an oven insert that fits on top of your grill and lets you cook brick-oven-quality pizzas in your back yard. It’s a fun and convenient way to enjoy crunchy, perfect pizzas for a small fraction of the cost of a brick oven.


How does the Mighty Pizza Oven actually work?

The MightyPizzaOven draws heat from your grill’s flame and reproduces the cooking conditions in a brick oven, which is where the best pizzas have traditionally been made. Like a brick oven, the Mighty Pizza Oven cooks in three important ways:


  • Conduction – heat is transferred to the bottom of the pizza by direct contact with the bottom stone, resulting in a crisp and crunchy pizza base.
  • Reflection – the top stone heats up and reflects heat back to the pizza topping, cooking it to perfection and giving it a mouth-watering golden color.
  • Convection – as hot air escapes from the chimney, fresh moist air is drawn into the MPO from outside, heated up, and circulated over the pizza, to make sure the topping retains its texture and flavor and does not dry out.

Please take a look at “How MPO Works” page for more detailed information and diagrams of how the Mighty Pizza Oven works.


I’ve never made pizza before. Do I need any special skills?

Anyone can make great pizza at home. It’s easy once you learn the basics, and you do not need any particular skills. Like any other type of cooking or activity, a few tips and tricks will make a huge difference and your pizzas will get better and better over time. And all the while, you’ll be having fun baking them in the MPO and sharing them with your family and friends.


Read through our Pizza Forum to get a clear understanding of everything you need to know to make great pizza on your grill using Mighty Pizza Oven, so that you can make outstanding pizza every time.


You’ll find lots of information and resources that will help you improve your pizza making and you’ll learn to use different ingredients, accessories and techniques to create the perfect pizza. And don’t forget to check back often as I’ll be updating with lots of new information.


What are the dimensions of the Mighty Pizza Oven?

17” long, 17” wide and 5” high, plus another 2.5” for the chimney (total maximum height is 7.5”). We later plan to produce a smaller and a larger sized oven, and even a round version to better fit round grills.


Can I use MPO on any grill?

MPO can be used with both lidded and lidless grills, provided that your grill’s main cooking surface is longer and wider than MPO (see “What are the dimensions of MPO?” above). You will also need to be able to remove any secondary cooking surfaces, racks or grill accessories to allow the front of the MPO cover to be lifted at least 10” to access the pizza. If your grill meets those two requirements, it’s a match!


Note: In some cases you may have to slide the MPO towards you when you tilt it up, which may push the bottom stone forward too. That’s OK and you can push the stone back using a pizza peel of similar utensil (taking care not to touch the hot stone with your hands) and then slide the MPO back as you tilt it back down.


grill space requirement for the Mighty Pizza Oven


What are the components & materials of the MPO

MPO consists of the following components:

  • Cover: This is the main body of the oven, a box shape made of 304 Stainless Steel, with a lip all around the base, an open bottom and a semi open back and a chimney opening on top.
  • Back Cover: for the oven’s back opening, to allow the insertion of the top pizza stone (3 level setting).
  • Chimney: With adjustable cover to control oven convection.
  • Foldable Side Handles: For easy carrying. (Please note that the oven should be allowed to cool properly before you remove it from the grill.)
  • Front Spring Handle: Use this handle to tilt up the oven cover to load or remove the pizza. Depending on your setup, the handle may become hot when the oven is in use, so please use an oven mitten.
  • 16″x15″ Upper Stone: This cooking stone is made of cordierite, which is fired at a higher temperature than ceramic and can withstand sudden changes in temperature. The 16″x15″ stone fits in MPO through the back opening and goes all the way to the front, leaving room for the chimney. The stone can be placed at four different heights.
  • 13″ Round Lower Stone: This stone is also made of cordierite and is placed on the grill grates when baking. The diameter of the lower stone is a couple of inches smaller than the top stone, to allow for hot air to flow and direct heat from the flames to reach the top stone.


Both stones capture radiant heat from the grill and release it back evenly to cook the pizzas.


Note: The pizza stone will naturally season and darken with use, developing a nonstick surface that improves its performance.


Will a pizza baked in a MPO taste the same as my home oven?

Actually, it will taste much better and cook faster! MPO preserves the natural flavors of your pizza, many of which get baked out in conventional ovens. Besides, food baked in the Mighty Pizza Oven stays moist because the natural internal juices do not have time to dry out, resulting in a superior, delicious taste. If you’re using a gas grill, you can also use any wood smoke chips approved by your grill’s manufacturer to give your pizza a delicious smoky flavor similar to that of a charcoal grill or a wood fire.


Do I need any special tools to use the Mighty Pizza Oven?

Not really, just the usual items you would use when making pizza, such as a mitten to tilt the oven open when loading and removing your pizza, a pizza shovel and a pizza cutter.


How long will the Mighty Pizza Oven last?

With proper care it should last a lifetime.


The Oven is made of 304 Stainless steel. Although this material is resistant to rust and has a reputation for longevity, the stainless steel parts of the Oven require some basic maintenance to remain in top shape. Please see the cleaning instructions below.


The stones are made of cordierite, which is fired at a higher temperature than ceramic and can withstand thermal shock. The stones can be exposed to direct flames, unlike ceramic stones which are sensitive to thermal shock and can break very easily when exposed to flame or a rapid temperature change.


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