How The Mighty Pizza Oven Works

Bake pizza to perfection on your grill with Mighty Pizza Oven…..

The Mighty Pizza Oven bakes pizza to perfection by making use of your grill as a powerful heat source.

It consists of a stainless steel open bottom box, with a chimney for optimum air flow.

The oven also contains two cordierite cooking stones:

  • The round bottom stone is placed on the grill grates under the Mighty Pizza Oven.
  • The square top stone slides inside the Mighty Pizza Oven though a removable back cover and sits above the round stone, about 2 or 3” away (adjustable).
Like a brick oven, the Mighty Pizza Oven is designed to cook at high temperatures (over 600 Deg. F – Depending on your grill heat source) by transferring heat to the food  in three ways:


  1. Conduction: Heat is transferred to the food by direct contact with the bottom cooking stone.
  2. Reflection: Heat radiates from the top stone onto the food below.
  3. Convection: Hot air rises from below to heat the top part of the oven and the food.


Let’s take a closer look:

 1. Conducted Heat:

Pizza Oven Conductive Heat

Heat from the grill flames (propane, gas or charcoal) is stored in the round bottom stone which is used as a cooking floor.

This heat is then transferred by direct contact to the food that is set on the stone.

  • The unique thermal conductivity properties of the stone create a uniform surface temperature and eliminate hot spots that would otherwise overcook or even burn some parts of the food.
  • The grill flames keep the round bottom stone hot and replace heat that is lost from the oven through cooking.


2. Reflected Heat:Pizza Oven Reflective Heat

The top square stone is also heated by the grill flames that are not blocked by the smaller bottom round stone.

This heat is stored in the top stone and reflected onto your pizza just like the hot bricks in a brick oven.


3. Convection Heat:

Pizza Oven Convection Heat

The Mighty Pizza Oven has a fully adjustable vent and chimney system that draws in a draught of moist air from outside and heats it over the grill flames.

This hot, moist air is constantly moving across the top of your pizza, cooking it from on top and ensuring it retains just the right amount of moisture.

Convection heat also contribute in heating top stone. Top stone temperature can be adjusted by moving the stone up or down /forward or backward (stone position must be selected before baking).