Cooking in the Mighty Pizza Oven

Why do I need a Mighty Pizza Oven if I can use a ceramic stone in my kitchen oven?

In short, because the Mighty Pizza Oven can cook a much better pizza, faster and using considerably less energy than using pizza stones in your home oven.




In fact, the Mighty Pizza Oven gives you similar results to a brick oven, without any of the drawbacks.


Mighty Pizza Oven


Let’s take a look:


The Mighty Pizza Oven reaches the proper backing temperature in half the time that it takes your conventional oven to heat a ceramic stone. On average, you’ll be able to start baking in half an hour.


Conventional ovens generate lots of heat in your house and make you air conditioner work extra hard every time you bake.


The Mighty Pizza Oven cooks pizzas much faster than a conventional oven, making it ideal for cooking multiple pizzas or hosting a pizza party. Once you’ve experienced how convenient it is, you’ll wonder how you managed without it.


The baking quality of the Mighty Pizza Oven is comparable to that of a brick oven. On the other hand, a ceramic stone used in a conventional oven or a cordierite stone placed on a grill will tend to overcook the bottom of your pizza while not supplying enough heat from above to properly cook the topping.


And comparing the Mighty Pizza Oven to a Brick Oven:


The Mighty Pizza Oven cooks using reflected heat, convection and conducted heat, just like a brick oven.


It has a short baking time similar to that of a brick oven (depending on your grill heat source) but heats up much faster. Brick ovens bake at very high temperatures, typically over 800ºF, and can bake a pizza in 90 seconds to 2 minutes. The Mighty Pizza Oven typically reaches temperatures of 600ºF to and bakes a pizza in a three to five minutes (depending on your grill burners btu rating and configuration). For safety reason, do not operate Mighty Pizza Oven over than 700ºF)


The Mighty Pizza Oven can be used to bake a series of pizzas one after the other without having to wait for the oven cooking floor to re-heat between bakes, just like a brick oven.


It is cheap and affordable – approximately $(199-269) vs thousands of dollars to buy and install a brick oven – and does not require professional installation.


It is compact and easy to store when not in use, whereas a brick oven requires lots of space and can’t be moved.


The Mighty Pizza Oven is portable and can be easily taken to a friend or parent’s house, or to your new home should you move.


What food can I cook in the Mighty Pizza Oven?

The Mighty Pizza Oven is specially designed to cook pizzas to perfection. We will be experimenting with other foods as time permits and will update this FAQ with our findings.


Will a pizza baked in a Mighty Pizza Oven taste the same as the one baked in home kictchen oven?

Actually, it will taste much better and cook faster! The Mighty Pizza Oven preserves the natural flavors of your pizza, many of which get baked out in conventional ovens. Besides, food baked in the Mighty Pizza Oven stays moist because the natural internal juices do not have time to dry out, resulting in a superior, delicious taste. If you’re using a gas grill, you can also use any wood smoke chips approved by your grill’s manufacturer to give your pizza a delicious smoky flavor similar to that of a charcoal grill or a wood fire.


What is the cooking temperature range of a Mighty Pizza Oven?

Cooking temperatures will vary depending on your grill btu rating and burners configuration. On my grill, the Mighty Pizza Oven reaches a temperature of over 600ºF using two burners on high (rated at 25,000 Btu) within 30 minutes (with aluminum foil partially covering unused area of the grill), and as you continue baking the Mighty Pizza Oven will get even hotter.


How long will my pizza take to cook in a Mighty Pizza Oven?

This will depend on the thickness of your pizza, the number of ingredients and your grill heat source / setup. To give you a guideline, cooking time for a typical pizza varies between 3 to 5 minutes based on the grill described above.


Can I cook more than one thing at once in a Mighty Pizza Oven?

The bottom stone is about 13” in diameter and you can cook 1 pizza at a time as long as it has a smaller diameter than the stone. However, this shouldn’t be an issue, since the oven cooks very rapidly and doesn’t need to re-heat between baking sessions.


Does the pizza need to be rotated while cooking?

As with a brick pizza oven, the pizza needs to be rotated to ensure an even browning all around. We recommend using a round metal pizza peel to do so. Though it is a simple process, we plan to create short video to show you how.


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