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Discover all sorts of optional equipment that will make your baking easier and your pizza better than ever, including IR thermometer guns, mixers, scales, pizza cutters, dough storage and more.

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Kickstarter to fund the Mighty Pizza Stone project

Love pizza, but hate heating up the house with the oven? Why not take it outside? According to longtime pizza lover Bert Touma, using an outdoor grill is a far superior cooking method than an indoor oven. It is faster, hotter and doesn’t heat up an already hot home in the summer. Unfortunately, anyone who’s attempted […]

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Pizza Making Accessories you will find very helpful when making pizza

Get the most out of your Mighty Pizza Oven with some of these recommended third-party pizza making accessories. You will not necessarily need all of these pizza making accessories, although you will find many of them very helpful for pizza making. We do not currently sell any of these accessories on our website, but we’ll […]

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Wooden Pizza Peel vs. Metal Pizza Peel: Which one is better?

Before I dwell into the interesting reasons I’m willing to divulge to you, let me first ask you this ‒ why do someone need a pizza peel? To be able to get that irresistibly good, crisp, and well-cooked pizza bottom, you first need to have some means of popping that pizza into the Mighty Pizza […]

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