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With the Mighty Pizza Oven – The Mighty Pizza Oven can bake much more than pizza. Follow me as I experiment with different kinds of bread and flatbread, and please share your MPO baking experiences too.

Baking Pita Bread is as easy as baking cookies

I started to experiment with other possible uses for my Mighty Pizza Oven, to see what I could bake or cook in it besides pizza. The first thing that came to mind is pita bread (flat bread), which happens to be an ancient forerunner of pizza, as you probably know. Just about every culture around […]

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Sourdough bread – Mighty Pizza Oven Style

The Mighty Pizza Oven is not just for pizza making. It can also be used in bread baking! Today, I will describe my experience with baking sourdough bread in my Mighty Pizza Oven.     Sourdough bread is a product of long fermentation of dough. In comparison with other breads, sourdough utilizes naturally occurring yeast […]

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